Certified Fiskars Training

Do you have a passion for crafting?

Would you like to help others learn about craft tools? 

Then You are invited to become a Certified Fiskars Demonstrator!

This FREE class will last between 2-4 hours, depending upon how many attend and if they have their own tools or need to share.

As a Certified Fiskars Demonstrator

-You may be called upon to do paid demos at shows and events.

-You can craft with Fiskateer friends in your area.

-You can further your creative skills.

-You can win cool prized from Fiskars, Heidi Grace, Cloud 9 and Li’l Davis Designs. 

During this FREE class, you will learn how to demonstrate some great Fiskars crafting tools.  Even if you have used them before, you can gain new tips and tricks.  You will also receive training material and a Certified Fiskars Craft Demonstrator Pin.

Anyone interested in becoming a Certified Demonstrator should bring the following items to class.  If you don’t have the following items, I will be happy to share.  In addition to the below items, class attendees should bring 8 sheets of cardstock and 8 sheets of patterned paper (any pattern).

-Trimmer [PPT, Desktop Rotary, Portable Rotary or Bypass]

-Ultra ShapeXpress

-Border Punch and/or Embossing Border punch

-Circle Border Punch

-Squeeze Punch-Eyelet Tool

-Texture Plate and Stylus/Texturizing Tool

-Craft Drill 

Training will take place at the following locations:

-January 6, 1:00 ACMoore Manchester, CT

-January 13, 1:00 JoAnn’s Manchester, CT

-January 31, 6:00 ACMoore Plainville, CT

-February 8, 6:00 JoAnn’s Manchester, CT

If you are interested in becoming a Fiskars Certified Demonstrator, please contact me.

Come create with me!

Kelly Massicotte



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