3-D Christmas Tree Card

3-D Christmas CardI have been getting so many requests for the directions I decided to post them here.

The project idea is from Sandi Genovese done with Ellison Dies.
I don’t have Ellison Dies so I made 2 triangles that would fit into a 5 x 7″ envelope.

Each side of the triangle/tree is 7″
The base is 5″
Cut a slit half way down one triangle and half way up the other. Slip the 2 together.

To create the garland/spiral.
Cut a 5″ circle.
Find the center and mark with an ‘X’. Cut the ‘X’ out with a craft knife. This will slip over the top of the tree when you are done.

To cut the spirals…this is a bit tricky.
I used a pencil and drew the spiral starting from the inside out. Then I used a craft knife to cut along the line. Start about 1/4″ from the ‘X’ and stop when you get to within 1/4″ of the outside of the circle. I ended up with 5 loops (counting the bottom loop).
Each spiral is about 7/16″ wide. I practiced on plain paper to make sure it looked and fell into place on the ‘tree’ the way I wanted it to. Then I traced the pattern on my Patterned Paper.

You need to use double sided paper for this project as both sides show.
After I cut out my spiral and got it just the way I wanted, I stamped and embossed it with silver.
I stamped my Christmas message along the bottom of the tree on 3 sides and left the 4th side for my handwritten message.
You could also make and hang ornaments off the ‘garland’.

It would be very ambitious to make these for your Christmas cards. I’m planning on giving mine to the hostess at the parties we attend this year.
You could also make this bigger and use as a centerpiece or holiday decoration.

Have Fun!!!


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