For the past 2 weeks my husband has been under the weather.  At 1st it was a cold, then the stomach flu and he topped it all off with a sinus infection.  I took very good care of him and nursed him back to health, but all the while I kept wondering if he was really That sick?

Well I finally have my answer.

 em pa thy (noun) the ability to identify with and understand somebody else’s feelings or difficulties.

 He really was that sick and now I can’t believe how sick I am.  It seems that I have the stomach flu and sinus infection all at the same time.  I feel best when my head is on a pillow, but with a toddler, that is not to be.  And Nate’s graduate classes started up again this week so he hasn’t gotten home until after 8:30 both Tuesday and Wednesday.

 Just 2 more days and then he will be around to take care of me.  And although the idea of being pampered back to health is appealing, I would much prefer being healthy.


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