NSD Recap

NSD was a’May’zing!  May Flaum chose my entry from her National Scrapbook Day contest and she came all the way from California to Connecticut to crop with us.  I was so excited to finally meet May and she came with a little Fiskars love for everyone.

Here’s May hard at work.

And Cherie, Fiskateer #1160, taking a break.

And the 3 of us on the steps of Inspiration Station.

I really want to thank May for making the journey and spreading the Fiskars love.

And thank you to Debby and the staff at Inspiration Station for a wonderful crop.

Here are some flowers from outside the shop just for You!


6 thoughts on “NSD Recap

  1. Laura

    Sounds like you all had a wonderful (and all too short) day !! Wish I could have been there !!!! I DO plan on visiting the shop though!! Perhaps we could plan on an East Coast Crop there ??!!

  2. Joan

    It was great to meet you,Cherie and May. Inspiration Station is a great place. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to attend the crop. It was so worth the long drive to visit and crop at the store.
    looking forward to cropping there again in the future.

  3. flirtydonna

    I agree that the store is darling! I admit though that when I read the sign I was thinking that it said- BREAD, rubber stamps,scrapbook supplies. I was thinking- cool a bakery/sandwich shop IN a scrapbook store. Now THAT would be cool wouldn’t it?

  4. Patti Smith

    Oh that store is amazing…would love to have been there with you all….thanks for sharing the pics…I would love, love to visit that area. Maybe someday…I’m so happy for you Kelly Jo you are very deserving of all the goods things that have been happening to you!!! ((((HUGS))))
    Patti Smith


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