Mother’s Day Gift

I am very lucky to have a dedicated craft space.  I do share this space with my husband’s love of music, but for the most part it’s My Room, and My Mess.

There is a closet in my room that has been stacked high with ‘stuff’ (aka junk) for a very l-o-n-g time.  Wanna see?

I was only able to get to the albums on the top shelf and the bags hanging on the door.  Until my wonderful husband gave me the perfect Mother’s Day gift…shelves.

He woke up Saturday morning and told me about my gift.  I was thrilled!  I was also doubtful that he could finish the project in one day.  I’m so glad I was wrong.

This is Saturday afternoon…

And this is Saturday night (after much purging)…

It’s wonderful!!!  I can’t believe how much stuff is in there now.  And I can get to it ALL.  I was even able to put some stuff in there that has just been stacked on the floor.  It feels so good to be organized.

Maybe I’ll even paint it.


3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift

  1. Patti Smith

    Wow what an awesome gift.. The organization looks terrific..It is great to have your own space…I use the spare bedroom/ie grandkids playroom and just share the space with them…they are getting so big I’ve purged a bunch of their toys and I have lots more space….have fun with your wonderful room!!


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