October Afternoons on a Spring Morning…

I prefer to buy my scrapbooking supplies locally.  I enjoy the sensory experience:  seeing, touching and even smelling my new supplies.  And my budget is very limited so I really hate paying for shipping on a small order.

But I had to make an exception.  I love October Afternoons and my local stores don’t carry it.  So I reluctantly placed an on-line order at Stop and Scrap and got my October Afternoon’s goodies today!  I love the Detours Collection and these papers are even better in person.  The rubber charms are made of this pliable rubber material and they are self adhesive!  And aren’t these clear stamps adorable.  I am so excited to start playing.

My excitement doesn’t end there.  I can’t say enough about the Excellent Service at Stop and Scrap.  The release of October Afternoons had been delayed and when I placed my order on May 23rd, the release date was end of May.  On May 28th, I received an email from Stop and Scrap that said they had received everything except the Collection Kits, but they were expecting them in about a week.  On Saturday (yes, Saturday!) May 31st, I received an email telling me my order was shipped.  And today, Monday June 2nd I received my goodies!!!  I am so pleased with Stop and Scrap and can’t recommend them enough.  Thank you!


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