It was Fisk-a-Fabulous!

My 2 year term as a Lead Fiskateer was Fisk-a-Fabulous.  I met some wonderful crafters who I am now happy to call my friends.  Being a Lead was a wonderful experience and I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to share my love of crafting with others.

During my time as a Lead I had little time for personal crafting.  So this Summer I have been crafting, crafting, crafting and I am going to share all here.  I hope You enjoy what I have to share and stop back often.

Here’s a video I did showing how to ‘go round the corner’ with the Fiskars border punches.  No measuring required!  I used Fiskars, but I bet this template method with work with other border punches, too.

Have a Crafty Day!


9 thoughts on “It was Fisk-a-Fabulous!

  1. Fran Nantista

    Kelly Jo: It was a pleasure to meet you the first time and every single time I have met you since then!!!! Your stint as a Lead Fiskateer was very pleasurable for me as well!!!! Fran

  2. Linda Raymond

    I’ve made friendships I shall treasure always, thanks to You and your Fiskateer Leadership. Consider this a great big, heartfelt Thank You!!

  3. Rhonda

    Kelly Jo, what a wonderful Fiskateer lead you were and in our hearts, still are. As a fellow Lockportian, I hope to meet you one day soon. Kim and I and the other gals are planning some events in the future. So perhaps we’ll get to see you at one! See you on the MB! Go, glo, and grow ORANGE!

  4. Kim

    So excited to visit your blog. It was great having you as a Lead. It’s going to be hard for Fiskars to “fill your shoes”. But I’m glad that you have time to be creative for just you!

    I love, love, love the edger video! I cannot wait to give it a whirl. I kept trying to make it work and I thought it was impossible. Thank you Thank you Thank you!


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