My Kindergartener

Back to school has started and we have a Kindergartener in the house!

1st day Kindergarten



1st day Kindergarten 1
I love the ‘backpack’ photo. (It’s almost as big as she is!) You know this pic will end up on a scrapbook page.

1st day Kindergarten waving
And Emily waving ‘good-bye’ to Mommy throught the window. (Here’s where I *almost* lost it.)

With any new change, there have been a few bumps. But Emily loves school and her teacher so that helps.


4 thoughts on “My Kindergartener

  1. Marianne

    I am sorry that it was hard for you to see Emily wave through the window. It is a precious picture though! Yes, I definately see a scrapbook page or two coming with those pictures of your kindergartner!

  2. Tona

    Ah, how sweet!
    I remember when I dropped my son off at kindergarten . He said goodbye & went on his merry way. I on the other hand cried all the way home lol.

  3. CarolN

    I stood outside the classroom window for an hour before I could leave my son at school. He, on the other hand, walked right inside and had a blast.

    Looks like Emily went off to have herself a very grown up day at school.


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