I Would Love to Win a Little Yellow Bicycle

One of my favorite companies, Little Yellow Bicycle, is hosting a contest at Two Peas in a Bucket where the grand prize is an actually little yellow bicycle.

I would just love to win a little yellow bicycle. I’d add a big basket on the front and a thumb bell and bike to the preschool everyday. I was so excited about the possibility of winning an actual little yellow bicycle that I quickly created this entry:
Kelly Count the Waves

I Love this quote… “If You want to know how much I love You, count the waves.” To make it work, I broke up the words on the LYB cardstock stickers and used them in a ‘ransom note’ way. This was one of those times when the end result turned out exactly the way I pictured it.

And here is a detail shot of the Epiphany Crafts custom epoxies that I love so much!
Kelly Count the Waves Close Up

The contest ends Sept. 15th and details are here. I hope you get a chance to enter, too!


8 thoughts on “I Would Love to Win a Little Yellow Bicycle

  1. Ginny

    Your layout is great, good luck on the bike. It sounds super cute, I love yellow. Oh & I have to say I hate you for being able to say you quickly made the layout. It is great! I’m in a total slump right now, lol.


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