Hunger Games Inspired Earrings

After I made the paper bead necklace (see post below), it was like I was bitten by a bug. Thankfully, not a tracker jacker!  Just more of a garden variety obsession bug.  I hadn’t played with my jewelry tools in quite a while, and since they were already out… I decided to make a pair of Hunger Games inspired earrings.

There were a few rejects because the Fiskars ‘Flight‘ punch seemed too big for my small beads and I almost gave up.  I kept wondering how could I make the mockingjay smaller?  Then I remembered Shrinky Dinks!!!  That’s when it started to get real FUN!

I punched 2 mockingjays out of shrink film and used my heat gun to shrink them.  Then I covered the back side in gold embossing powder and set a silver ring in the embossing powder while it was still wet.  I added more embossing powder and heat to help set the mockingjay.  Be careful not to add too much or it will flow into all the open spaces and you won’t see the detail in your mockingjay (ask me how I know THAT!).

The rest is just personal taste.  I wanted a few small beads in colors to represent the Arena (green), District 12 (black) and Katniss (orange).  I love how they turned out and you can bet I’ll be wearing them when I see the movie this weekend!  And who knows, maybe there will be a Hunger Games inspired bracelet next?

Don’t leave yet!  I haven’t announced the winner of the Fiskars Flight punch from the post below.

Effie Trinket has reached into the glass fishbowl and come out with the name… Amy Jones March 19, 2012 at 5:22 pm.  Congratulations, Amy.  I guess the odds were ‘ever in your favor.’


10 thoughts on “Hunger Games Inspired Earrings

  1. kellystar

    you are on a roll…noticed those are Fiskars colors too! Awesome! I used Shrinky Dinks for my post on the Fiskateer blog hop weekend…now it’s going to look like I copied you! hee hee

  2. Amy Jones

    oh Shrinky Dinks are coming back for sure. My daughter came home with some last month. I always loved them. Your earrings are so neat. You have a real talent for jewelry making. And YAY! ! ! I won. How exciting….The odd were ‘ever in my favor’. Thank you so much. And thank you for the congrats everyone.

  3. stampindot

    Congratulations to Amy!!

    I love the shrinky dink idea for the MockingJay! Very clever! (The earrings are beautiful!)

    1. Kelly Jo Post author

      Hi, Lisa. The Hunger Games series was written for young adults so it’s not overly gory. The book is definitely more engaging, but the movie is very good, too. And thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving comments. It makes me happy! 🙂

  4. Barb Vandenberg

    Ohhh I like the earrings even better than the necklace! So the color on the shrinky dink mockingjay is from the embossing powder….

    1. Kelly Jo Post author

      Yes, Barb. The color comes from the embossing powder. I used ‘Pirate Gold’. And I LOVE the earrings, too. Thanks!


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