Paper Crimper and faux Chevron

I am a tool girl.  I love playing with my paper tools and figuring out different ways to use them beyond the package directions.  And I really love it when I can use my tools to make something that is a current trend, like chevron stripes.

To make these chevron stripes, I cut six 3/4″ wide pieces of paper that were about 6″ long.  Then I put them through my paper crimper on a diagonal.  Three strips went in starting on the right, and 3 went in on the left so that the directions of the stripes were alternating.  I glued the stripes on to a scrap of paper being sure to alternate the direction of the diagonals.  As a final touch, I lightly sanded the crimped ridges to show the detail of my faux chevron stripes.

I really like how this turned out and am sure I will try it again on future projects.  How about you?  Will you give it a try?

(All papers and embellishments are from Little Yellow Bicycle’s Paradise collection.)


7 thoughts on “Paper Crimper and faux Chevron

  1. Lisa Swift

    You definitely thought outside the box on this one! I love this idea (and your LO)! I gave my paper crimper away a long time ago and now I think I want it back. LOL!

  2. Tanya

    What a great idea. Honestly, I’m not the biggest chevron fan, but I like this look. I would love to try it.


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