Pre-Renovation Pictures, Upstairs

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the main level… Now it’s time to take you upstairs.
 photo 100_1254.jpg
Our Cape is a traditional Cape with 2 bedrooms and a bath upstairs. We remodeled this bath in the Summer of 2011 and I still love it so not much is changing.
 photo 100_1206.jpg
The window is going away because my bedroom will be on the other side of this wall.
 photo 100_1207.jpg
 photo 100_1208.jpg
It’s a small bathroom, so that means small sink vanity and low profile toilet. But it’s the kids bathroom so… moving on.
This is the view looking out into the hall; you can see a peek into Emily’s room. I don’t believe this part of the hall is changing, but it will have to match the new part of the hall that will take you to my new bedroom and I’m not sure what that will look like. I do know that light fixture will not be staying.
 photo 100_1209.jpg
Here’s Emily’s room.
 photo 100_1210.jpg
She has the biggest room in the house… but not for long. 🙂
 photo 100_1211.jpg
That corner on the right is being bumped out so the built ins will be gone.
 photo 100_1213.jpg
And that window will be gone. But she will still have 2 closets and what little girl wouldn’t love 2 closets.
 photo 100_1214.jpg
 photo 100_1215.jpg
The left is where the bump out is happening so this little alcove will become a nice big wall. In her current room there is only one place to put the bed, so this bump out will give her more furniture placement options.
 photo 100_1217.jpg
She is also getting a dormer window here in the front. The current crawlspace is getting smaller and we plan not to fill it up with as much junk so I’m ok with that.
 photo 100_1218.jpg
I have always loved this pale yellow color. Emily has big plans to paint a mural so who know what color the walls will end up.
 photo 100_1219.jpg
You can see a little peek into Ben’s room across the hall.
 photo 100_1220.jpg
And I really love the wood floors in her room. I’m not sure how the bump out and dormer window will affect her floors, but I’m really hoping we can do hardwood through the entire upstairs.
 photo 100_1221.jpg
 photo 100_1222.jpg
That window will be replaced with a new window.
 photo 100_1223.jpg
 photo 100_1224.jpg
Here we are in Ben’s room.
 photo 100_1198.jpg
This room is really changing.
This slanted dormer is going to become another peak.
 photo 100_1199.jpg
So basically, this entire downward slope will be peaked with another ‘V’. It’s hard to explain, but he will get more headroom.
 photo 100_1203.jpg

His room is also moving towards the front of the house. The new ‘V’ dormer will allow his room to slide forward. The place where I’m standing to take this picture will be the new hallway to my bedroom! To the left of me is where my new laundry room will be.
 photo 100_1204.jpg

See that window, that will be the door into my master bedroom. It is going to be Huge! And there will be a master bath with a jet air tub. The tub was the first thing I picked out. Priorities.
 photo 100_1200.jpg

Ben’s current closet is narrow and deep. In his new room, he will have a long, normal depth closet. And that window will be replaced with a new one.
 photo 100_1201.jpg

Half hallway, half laundry room. Can you picture it?
 photo 100_1202.jpg
 photo 100_1204.jpg

Ben wants an orange room, can you imagine? I think we will end up with some shade of blue with orange accents. He also wants Buzz Lightyear bedding so if you see any for a full size bed, let me know.

Enough before, I’m ready to start showing some pictures of Progress!


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