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The Big Renovation… Before Pics

The house is empty and we are ready, ready, ready to get this renovation started. Anyone who has ever gone through a renovation will tell you to be patient, but then admit that patience goes out the door with the demoed kitchen.
So while we’re waiting I’ll share the before pictures. There are a lot so “be patient”.

This is the front. We’re getting new siding, new windows, new roof and a new covered front porch.
 photo 100_1143-1.jpg
 photo 100_1142-1.jpg

And the back. The kitchen is moving to this room and a new great room will be built to the right. Above it all will be my new bedroom and bathroom complete with air jet tub. (That tub is important I tell ya!)
 photo 100_1138.jpg

The chalk in the grass? That’s my new extended deck.
 photo 100_1137-1.jpg

This is the front living room. I fell in love with this room when we looked at the house.
 photo 100_1252.jpg

Pay no attention to the dust line under the piano. Have you ever tried to move a piano to dust under it?
 photo 100_1253.jpg
 photo 100_1251.jpg
 photo 100_1247.jpg

Besides a new window, refinished floor and fresh paint, this room isn’t changing much. Although I’m not a fan of that gold fireplace surround so I may have to change that.
 photo 100_1244.jpg

Next room on the tour is the future playroom. Pre-renovation it was mine and Nate’s bedroom. Those built ins were serving as my dresser and we hope they will be staying to help organize the kids toys. They may see some altering to accommodate the HVAC and plumbing gaining access upstairs.
 photo 100_1233.jpg
This window is becoming a double French pocket door into the new great room.
 photo 100_1235.jpg
 photo 100_1237.jpg
 photo 100_1240.jpg

In the Summer of 2011, Nate and I renovated our upstairs bathroom, but this beauty looks to be original and it’s getting a full gut job. I know you will fall in love with the shade of blue and want it for your own home but I’m sorry to say that it was a $5 mistake paint at HomeDepot 10 years ago. You’ll have to find your own paint mistake to love for 10 years.
 photo 100_1226.jpg
 photo 100_1227.jpg

I say ‘gut job’ but I’m saving that mirror.
 photo 100_1228.jpg
That window will not be there anymore, unless we want to leave it for a view into the new great room.
 photo 100_1229.jpg
 photo 100_1230.jpg
 photo 100_1231.jpg

Wow, I am a brave woman for posting pictures of that bathroom.

Let’s move on, shall we? Should I share the lovely kitchen or future craft room? You’ve already seen a glimpse into the craft room from the living room so why not head there.

Introducing my new craft room/home office. (The home office slash helps me justify having a whole ‘playroom’ to myself.) This doorway will be a french door.
 photo 100_1255.jpg
 photo 100_1257.jpg
The detail molding will be going bye-bye and I have to decide on a fun new color.
 photo 100_1259.jpg

I purchased this old library desk from a library in Massachusetts that was undergoing a renovation of its own. I’d love to find an old wood office chair to go with it so keep an eye out for one, please.  And this window is getting double the size.
 photo 100_1258.jpg
 photo 100_1260.jpg

Ahh… the beautiful kitchen of mine. Grrr… let’s just imagine more pretty stuff in my craft room before we move on, shall we?
 photo 100_1261.jpg

This wall is getting double pocket french doors (just like the playroom). We are also hoping to refinish all the hardwood floors and match the new floors to these.
 photo 100_1256.jpgWell, I’ve held off long enough. Here is the room in my house where we store and prepare food. It is getting gutted and turned into the dining room.
 photo 100_1262.jpg
 photo 100_1264.jpg

Here’s a peek into my mudroom. We’re getting a new external french door and the opening from the mudroom into the dining room is getting a bit bigger.
 photo 100_1265.jpg
 photo 100_1266.jpg

Somebody give me a sledgehammer!
 photo 100_1267.jpg

This wall will be opening up into my new kitchen.
 photo 100_1263.jpg

Welcome to my new kitchen! This slider is being closed off in this room and a window will go above the sink.
 photo 100_1275.jpg

Imagine a wall of white, mission style cabinets. The 36″ pantry will be in the corner on the right.
 photo 100_1276.jpg

This will be opened up to the dining room. The opening to the current mud room will be closed off.
 photo 100_1277.jpg
 photo 100_1278.jpg

Here’s another view… the window opening will become a walkway into the dining room and the mudroom will be closed off from the kitchen. That sounds funny… why would we want the mudroom cut off from the kitchen? But trust me, it makes the most sense for this space.
 photo 100_1279.jpg

More chalk lines. This time we were measuring out the island. We changed the design and went with a more rectangular island.  You are now looking into what will be my new great room. Sliding door out onto the deck. Soothing yellow color. Large TV on the far wall. Hardwood floor. Can’t wait to get the framing started so I can measure for my new couches!
 photo 100_1270.jpg

This is just the downstairs. I have more pre-renovation pictures of the upstairs that I will most next time.

Some work has started. Concrete has been poured outside, I have a new electrical panel and a shiny new oil tank. Stuff that you need, but it isn’t glamorous.

I’m ready for the fun stuff to begin!